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  • IT Equipment Liquidation

    Our Computers and other IT equipment liquidation services give you the best pricing for your computers, servers, datacenter equipment, hard drives and more.

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  • Computers Recycling

    Business computers recycling is our expertise. We come by within hours to pick up your unwanted electronics equipment for recycling in our state of the art e-waste disposal center.

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  • Secure Data Destruction

    Improper disposal may cause legal problems if the media contains personal information, social security numbers, and / or other types.

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TechWaste Recycling Accepts All eWaste Including
    • Computers
    • Monitors(CRT/LCD)
    • Drives/Media
    • Cell Phones
    • Old Telecom
    • Equipment
    • Servers
    • Battery Back Ups
    • Televisions
    • Medical Equipment
    • Broadcast Equipment
    • Printers
    • Storage/Tape
    • Fax Machines
    • Telecom Equipment
    • Post Production Equipment

Our Strategic Options

TechWasteRecycling.com has partner services available to help you implement an effective electronic waste and recycling program for your organization. Call (949) 202-9828 to set up an appointment and learn about your strategic options.

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We offer the best pricing for your IT Equipment Liquidation in Southern California & New York area.

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We are California collectors license approved.
CEWID: 115306

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