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Level 1 Data Destruction | TechWaste Recycling Responsible Recyclers

Rest assured sensitive information will not be leaked or compromised. All storage devices handled and processed by TechWaste Recycling are wiped and sanitized of all data contents under TechWaste Recycling’s Level 1 Data Destruction. Level 1 Data Destruction includes a military grade secure data wipe on hard disks and degaussing on portable storage devices. Level 1 Data Destruction is included with each electronics recycling pickup or drop off.

Hard Disk Wipe DBAN Data Destruction | TechWaste Recycling
TechWaste Recycling Data Destruction


  • FREE PICKUPWith 10 or more qualified items. See qualified items list
  • EASY SCHEDULINGOur trucks run five days a week. Schedule a pickup in your area today.
  • SECURE HANDLING AND TRANSPORTOur electronic asset handlers are professional, experience, and trained to handle and transport electronic assets and other IT equipment securely.
  • RESPONSIBLE RECYCLINGMaterials are processed and downstreamed to an R2 certified and compliant partner using TechWaste Recycling’s material recovery channel. Materials are then broken down to their original commondies and those commodities are then used to build new products.
  • DATA DESTRUCTIONIT Security is paramount. We destroy all data contained on hard drives and other media. Hard drive and other media containing media receive Level 1 Data Destruction.For certain corporate IT Asset Disposition and industry compliance may require a higher level of destruction that includes serialized and physical destruction, release of liability, and data breach prevention plan.Speak with one of our IT Asset Disposition consultants to find out more about a program that meets your project goals and requirements.
  • SUSTAINABILITYWe foster standardized material recycling and reuse strategies to minimize the amount of e-waste being accumlated in landfills.
  • SERIALIZED ASSET DESTRUCTIONAudit-Ready Inventory Reporting for IT Assets
  • Report includes:
    • Asset Type
    • Asset Make
    • Asset Model
    • Asset Serial Number
  • Items:
    • Servers
    • Laptops
    • Routers / Switches
    • Tablets / Mobile Devices
    • VOIP Phones and Backbone
    • Other Special Not for Reuse Items
    • Cost / Call for Details


    NIST 800-88, HIPAA, FACTA, NSA, and Department of Defense Compliant

    Level 1
    • DBAN Hard Disk Erasure
    • DOD Compliant
    • Cost $0 / Included Pickup
    Level 2
    • DBAN Hard Disk Erasure
    • DOD Compliant
    • Certificate of Data Destruction (Includes make, model, method of destruction, serial number)
    • Cost / Call for Details
    Level 3
    • DBAN Hard Disk Erasure
    • DOD, HIPAA, and FACTA Compliant
    • Certificate of Data Destruction (Includes make, model, method of destruction, serial number)
    • Physical Destruction with Punch Unit
    • Cost / Call for Details

    National Security Agency CSS 02-01

    Level 6
    • Recognized by the NSA
    • Reduced to Confetti
    • HIPAA and FACTA compliant
    • DOD approved
    • Certificate of Material Destruction
  • ISO 14001
  • OHSAS 18001
  • R2:2013 Certification

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