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Recycling Medical Spa Treatment Devices

A medical spa is a facility overseen by a doctor that provides nonsurgical aesthetic and cosmetic medical treatments in addition to basic services typically associated with a day spa. The latter are performed by an on-staff aesthetician, while the former are performed by a doctor or other qualified provider such as a physician’s assistant or nurse.

The idea behind a med spa is that certain treatments are considered medical procedures and need to be performed under the care of a qualified practitioner, and yet the goals are more closely related to those of nonmedical health and beauty treatments available at a spa. Therefore, a med spa provides all the services under one roof in what is typically a relaxing, nonclinical atmosphere.

The tools used in cosmetic treatments at a med spa are considered medical equipment and as such, require special handling during disposal. Additionally, confidentiality laws that protect patient information apply to records regarding any medical treatment provided at a med spa. Therefore, when you need to dispose of med spa equipment or patient records, you should place your trust in our experienced hands at TechWaste Recycling.

Types of Equipment Used at Med Spas

A med spa provides noninvasive medical treatments, such as laser treatments, Botox injections, deep chemical peels, etc. A medical treatment is defined as one that affects anything on the body deeper than the epidermis, or outermost layer of skin.

Some of the most common treatments performed at a med spa, such as CoolSculpting, require special machines, while others, e.g. microneedling, are accomplished with manual tools. Some techniques may require a combination of the two.

Laser Treatment Equipment Recycling | TechWaste Recycling
Facial Rejuvenation Device Recycling | TechWaste Recycling

Laser Treatment Equipment Recycling

Laser treatments are frequently offered at med spas. A handheld wand is attached to beam-generating machine to accomplish a number of objectives, including hair removal, body sculpting, and facial rejuvenation. Laser treatments go by a number of different brand names:

  • Cynosure
  • Clear + Brilliant
  • SculpSure

Laser skin revitalization treatments use a variety of medical devices that are being upgraded and improved upon all the time. Additionally, many laser treatment machines utilize add-ons, wands, and tips that often become outdated or simply worn out and need replacing or upgrading. TechWaste Recycling is able to assist med spa management to understand recycling or disposition options.

Facial Rejuvenation Equipment

Facial rejuvenation is an umbrella term that can include treatments with several different goals, such as reducing wrinkles and scars or correcting discoloration. These goals may be accomplished via manual, chemical, radiologic, or phototherapeutic means, each requiring its own special equipment. Sometimes, to maximize the results or correct multiple issues, a combination of approaches is used.

For example, Vivace microneedling therapy with radiofrequency and LED light involves puncturing the outer layer of skin using a manual tool consisting of many tiny needles to stimulate healing processes that reduce the appearance of wrinkles while stimulating collagen production to promote skin elasticity by generating heat with radiofrequency. At the same time, blue or red LED light can be used to help treat acne and reduce inflammation, respectively.

Other facial rejuvenation modalities and devices include the following:

  • HydraFacial: Deep cleansing and exfoliation by both manual and chemical means
  • Intense Pulsed Light (IPL): Similar to laser treatment, but uses a broad spectrum and multiple filters to target more than one condition
  • Ultrasound Lift: A uniquely noninvasive way to tighten sagging skin using ultrasound technology

Fat Removal/Body Sculpting

Diet and exercise can help one attain a healthy weight for better health, but fat cells in some areas of the body are more difficult to reduce by these means. To achieve a leaner appearance, some people opt for treatments to destroy the fat cells completely. Several nonsurgical modalities can accomplish this feat:

  • Lasers or radiofrequency like SculpSure destroy the cells with intense heat
  • Cryolipolysis (e.g., CoolSculpting) destroys the cells with extreme cold
  • Ultrasound energy breaks the cells apart

Fat removal med spa machines are constantly being improved upon. Fat reduction is itself the number 2 aesthetic procedure conducted in the United States today behind only hair loss treatments. With the wide range of treatment options available to med spas, updating to the latest technology to stay on top is essential. Disposing correctly and hopefully beneficially is essential to medical spas.

Recycling of Medical Equipment and Records

Many of these techniques are relatively new, emerging only within the last few decades. TechWaste Recycling has over 2o years experience handling medical equipment in the ever-evolving health care industry. We hold ourselves to the highest standard in the industry to ensure medical equipment and record disposal is safe, secure, and compliant with applicable laws such as HIPAA. Contact us today, and we can discuss how TechWaste Recycling can benefit your medical spa facility.

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