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About Westminster, California

Westminster is a city in Orange County, California known as little Saigon due to the many Vietnamese who immigrated to the city during the 1980s. Founded by the Presbyterian Minister in 1870s as a temperance colony, it is now home to the highest concentration of Vietnamese Americans in the United States.

The heart of Little Saigon is the Asian Garden Mall, a two-story shopping center with shops and restaurants offering imported goods. It’s a great place to shop for jewelers and crave for unique cuisines. The popular Vietnamese soup, Pho is very popular in this city and is a must if you want to try authentic Vietnamese cuisine.

A place worth stopping by is the Vietnamese War Memorial. The memorial is designed by Tuan Nguyen, a Vietnamese artist who survived the fall of Saigon and escaped to the United States.

With all the sun California has to offer, heading to Huntington Beach Pier will help you to relax, and unwind from the hassles of city life. It is also a good place for surfing due to the naturally enhanced waves. The pier is also a popular fishing spot and a place to take excellent sunset photos.

Westminster lets you experience the classic California sun and the culture of the Vietnamese.


Services we offer in Westminster :

E Waste Recycling
Secure Data Destruction
Destruction of Products
Kits for Recycling

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