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Responsible Laboratory Equipment Recycling

One of the fields that produces the most electronic waste is the field of medical testing. Due to the need to test for so many different conditions, diseases, and drugs, laboratories need a wide range of different pieces of equipment. And, as with any other field, the continuous advancement of technology means that these pieces of equipment occasionally become obsolete. However, unlike many fields, medical laboratories frequently use incredibly specialized technology, which can make it difficult to dispose of it properly. Not only that, but the size and weight of some of the equipment necessary in a laboratory environment add other potential issues. The nature of medical testing presents several complications in disposal that operators in most other fields simply do not need to deal with. TechWaste Recycling can handle any type of laboratory e-waste, simplifying your disposal process as much as possible.

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Laboratory Testing Equipment

Testing laboratories are often overlooked. The healthcare field is incredibly expansive, and there are many companies that gladly dispose of electrical equipment for treating patients, but not nearly as many companies that can dispose of the unique pieces of equipment that only testing laboratories use. TechWaste Recycling can take your:

  • Analyzers
  • Gas Chromographers
  • Autosampler Injectors
  • Blood Analyzers
  • Immunoassay Analyzers
  • Moisture Balances
  • Centrifuges
  • Particle Counters
  • Refrigerated Incubators
  • Colorimeter

Since medical testing is a relatively small field when compared to healthcare, many people lump the two together. At Techwaste Recycling, we are proud to address the unique needs of laboratory electronic waste specifically.

Why a Professional is Necessary

As you know, you cannot simply throw most pieces of large electrical equipment away. This is due to three primary reasons:

  • Safety
  • Responsibility
  • Confidentiality

Most large electronics have at least a few materials that can be dangerous if exposed to the environment, such as mercury, lead, chlorinated plastics, or flame retardants. Medical testing equipment is no exception and, in fact, often has additional biological materials that no other kind of electronic device does. If an analyzer is contaminated with blood or another biological material, it can be a health risk. These materials need to be disposed of properly and safely. TechWaste Recycling is proud to take care of all these common hazard materials found commonly in electronics. There are many federal regulations on how these materials must be disposed of, and we meet every requirement.

The second reason a professional recycler is necessary ties in directly with the first. Hazardous materials aside, contributing to the nation’s growing landfills is irresponsible. The businesses and organizations that produce the largest or most abundant amount of waste need to be especially active in responsible disposal, and there is no doubt that medical laboratories are a large contributor.

Finally, medical facilities of all kinds, including testing laboratories, face a unique challenge when it comes to disposal: confidentiality. Unlike most businesses that may just need to dispose of an old copy machine, getting rid of an analyzer or colorimeter that still has sensitive patient information stored is complicated. We are not only able to dispose of the device, but all information stored on the device as well. Protect the doctors, dentists, patients, employers, and employees who trust you to handle their information with the utmost care.

Turn to TechWaste Recycling

At TechWaste Recycling, we strive to serve not just you, but the entire nation by responsibly and correctly disposing of electronic waste. That is why we offer free pickup anywhere in the U.S. If your laboratory is in the area surrounding Los Angeles or San Diego, we can most likely pick up your items in need of disposal on the same day. We want to make the process as simple and streamlined as possible, so contact us today to make use of our services.

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