sell message on keyboard, to sell something or sell concept for stock market.TechWaste Recycling buys used computer hardware and IT equipment of all manufacturers and models, including Dell, HP, Cisco, IBM, Sun and many others. Whether your business is relocating, downsizing or simply needs more usable work space without worrying about warehousing obsolete equipment, TechWaste Recycling is here to help with IT asset disposition!

Our IT Asset Disposition (ITAD) specialists will swiftly and efficiently remove unwanted equipment from your premises and provide you with the highest possible return on your investment. Not only will your business receive usable revenue for unneeded equipment, but other benefits include decreasing your total cost of ownership, eliminating the need for warehouse or storage fees and an overall increase in usable work space if you are currently housing equipment on-site.

We also provide secure data destruction services so that individuals and businesses need not worry about leaks of private information. We offer our services in most major cities of Los Angeles, Orange County and San Diego

TechWaste Recycling buys used:

Printers and Fax Machines

Network Storage

VoIP Phone Systems

Video Conferencing Equipment

TechWaste Recycling accepts all manufacturers, including:






Sun Microsystems

TechWaste Recycling practices the concept of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle by allowing items a second life span and abiding by a zero landfill policy.

We Reduce by accepting or buying your unwanted computer hardware, IT equipment and electronics that are no longer in use or have reached the end of their life cycle. During the process of responsibly recycling, we look for any items that have a Re-use value. Do we re-sell items? Yes, we try to find additional value on items (specific to customers’ demands) for re-sale. Recycling is the final stage where electronic waste is sorted and settled to its commodity value.