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TechWaste Recycling ensures that electronic eWaste materials collected are responsibly recycled to their basic commodity form, re-used or re-sold, ultimately placing items into their next “cycle of life.”

The term eWaste refers to electronic equipment that is near, or has reached, the end of its useful life cycle. Often times, these items can be re-used, refurbished, re-sold or recycled. Some of the most common eWaste items are: computers, computer components, laptops, televisions, cell phones, printers and fax machines.

TechWaste Recycling accepts:

– Computers

– Monitors

– Drives/Media

– Cell Phones

– Old Telecom Equipment

– Televisions
– Broadcast Equipment
– Storage/Tape
– Fax Machines
– Post Production Equipment

– Servers
– Battery Back Ups
– Printers
– Medical Equipment
– Computer parts

We do accept light bulbs and alkaline batteries for a fee (depending on volume), but TechWaste Recycling is primarily an electronic eWaste recycling, disposal and IT equipment liquidation center for businesses.

Throwing computers and other electronic eWaste in the trash overflows landfills and may cause environmental and health damage to humans. Components and materials used to create computers and other electronics are toxic when leaked into the soil, atmosphere and water system via improper disposal.

Utilizing TechWaste Recycling’s eWaste recycling services will benefit the environment as well as protect you and your business against hefty fines or penalties for improper disposal of electronics.

All data received from customers in media form (hard drives, tape, discs) become data wiped using the Department of Defense Media Sanitization (DoD 5220.22-M) method. We also offer hard drive shredding, hard drive crushing, magnetic degaussing and proof of data and hard drive destruction in certificate form.

Our services include:

Free eWaste Pickup
– Computers and PC Recycling
– Monitors Recycling
– Printers Recycling

– Computers Liquidation
– Datacenter Equipment Recycling
– Hard Drive Destruction
– Hard Drive Recycling

We practice the concept of Reduce, Re-use, Recycle by allowing items a second life span and following a zero landfill policy.We Reduce by accepting or buying your unwanted electronics that are no longer in use or have reached the end of their life cycle. During the process of responsibly recycling, we look for any items that have a Re-use value. Do we re-sell items? Yes, we try to find additional value on items (specific to customers’ demands) for re-sale. Recycling is the final stage where electronic waste is sorted and settled to its commodity value.

TechWaste recycling is Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) compliant number CAL000374913 and CalRecycle CEWID: 115306.

No materials are shipped or processed overseas. All items are processed and down-streamed to R2 compliant facilities, which in turn take commodity based materials to refiners in North America.

Techwaste Recycling is a for-profit organization, therefore we can only offer itemized notices of destruction of materials received from customers.

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